They can also work in the practical applications of mathematics.

They can also work in the practical applications of mathematics.


Duration of study – two years (four semesters).

In english

Specialization: physiotherapy, tourism and recreation.

In Polish

Specialization: physiotherapy, tourism and recreation (hotel and catering, organization and management in the field of tourism and recreation, religious tourism, health tourism).


Duration of study – three semesters.

Specialization: laboratory analytics in food and toxicology research, organization and management of culture, art therapy, art education in preschool and integrated education of children at an early age, corrective gymnastics – compensatory, computer science in business management, European integration, film therapy ( therapy with dogs)), trade with foreign countries, cosmetology manager and SPA Wellness, trade and management of EU funds, environmental protection, wellness – physiotherapy, oligophrenic pedagogy, cosmetology, health promotion and health education, accounting, organic agriculture, sociotherapy, occupational therapy, physical culture, emergency management, tourism management and hospitality, business management in a competitive environment, class II handball coach.

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European Education is a well-known Ukrainian-Polish company that has been operating in the Ukrainian information education services market since 2005. The best higher education institutions in Poland have authorized the company to conduct its information and admission campaign in Ukraine, provide student recruitment services , including as an admissions committee, housing selection services, legalization of documents, obtaining a visa, transfer to the place of study, accommodation and student support during the first year of study.

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Phone in Ukraine (044) 200-28-40 Poland, Zamo??

State University. Shimon Shimonovich in the city of Zamost (PWSZ)

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A wide range of educational programs in the best traditions of the ancient Zamo?? Academy

For many years, the city of Zamo?? hoped to return to the best educational traditions of the Zamo?? Academy, which existed in 1594–1784. Through the efforts of a large number of wonderful people, these traditions have been revived and manifested themselves in a new educational institution called “Pa?stwowa Wy?sza Szko?a Zawodowa” (PWSZ).

State University. Shimon Shimonovich in the city of Zamost (PWSZ) was founded by a decree of the Council of Ministers of June 7, 2005 and is the only public higher education institution in the region. PWSZ conducts classes for students seeking a bachelor’s or engineer’s degree, as well as for students receiving a second higher education.

The higher education institution consists of the Humanities Institute, the Natural Technology Institute and the Institute of Mathematics and Innovative Technologies. Teaching is conducted at a high academic level thanks to the best teachers gathered from all over Poland and invited from abroad.

Cooperation: the university has signed cooperation agreements with such leading universities as UMCS in Lublin, Lublin Polytechnic, Institute of Agrophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Lublin, Volyn Institute of Economics and Management in Lutsk, Volyn National University named after Lesya Ukrainka, Kolomyia Institute of Natural Resources Management business and innovative technologies in Lviv, the energy center in Wolpertshausen and the National University “Ostroh Academy”.

Moreover, the university cooperates with the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin in Lublin, the Center for Practical Education in Zamo??, the district and city public libraries in Zamo?? (Stanis?aw Kostko Zamo?? Zamo?? Library), the pedagogical library in Zamo??, and the public Poles of the city of Kiev.

PWSZ’s mission is to provide its students and graduates with high-quality knowledge and skills, with a view to the future, seeking to ensure that they build a successful career.

New projects: since January 2009 the university has been implementing the project “Learning in a new way. We act on the ground “, which is funded by the European Union under the European Fund to strengthen the didactic capacity of PWSZ. The next interesting project of 2009 not only for the university, but also for the whole Zamo?? region was the project” Adaptation and equipment of laboratories of the research center and technology transfer (CeBiTT) of the state university in the city of Zamo?? “. The aim of this project was to support the development and innovation of Zamo?? enterprises, as well as to develop the research potential of PWSZ and turn it into a local research center for technical and exact sciences.Within the framework of this project, special laboratories were built: the laboratory of renewable energy sources, the laboratory of mechanics, the laboratory of applied mathematics and process optimization. All of them are currently successfully used in the educational process.

Scholarships. A big advantage of the university is also the established system of scholarships, which allows you to get a higher education for less.

Student organizations: student government, international cooperation club, young strategist club, computer science club, Russian science club, humanities research club, sociology research club, Shnur theater club, Skafander student magazine, university club sports sections (fitness, fitness club), football hall, volleyball).

The university is located in the city of Zamo?? (Zamo??) in the Lublin Voivodeship of Poland, which in turn is located 240 km southeast of Warsaw and 110 km northwest of Lviv. Since 1992, the renaissance center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Accommodation. In 2007, the university bought a building from the city, which is now the “Student House” – a dormitory that provides housing for all foreign students.You can get professional advice on all issues related to admission to Polish universities, obtaining a Polish visa, as well as studying the Polish language in Ukraine and Poland by calling the program “EducationPol” – (044) 200-28-40.

State University. Shimona Shimonovich in Zamost (PWSZ) offers training in the following areas:


Zamost State University offers bachelor’s degree (three years) and engineering (3.5 years) – full-time, part-time and second higher education.

All specialties offered by PWSZ are based on current training standards. They represent an integral part of the 3 + 2 + 4 education system, ie 3 years – bachelor / 3.5 years – engineer, 2 years – master and 4 years – doctor.

Since the founding of the university, programs of all specialties are evaluated according to the ECTS system. During the semester they make 30 points, in the whole lecture course 180 points, and in the engineering course 210 points. The ECTS assessment system allows students to compare the results achieved, as well as use them in other educational institutions for further summarization. This makes it possible to correctly and transparently determine the principles of study abroad and the requirements for enrollment in disciplines.


English philology – specialty: translator, teacher, English in business and tourism.

Graduates of English philology gain practical English language skills at the bachelor’s level, know the literature, culture and history of English-speaking countries, as well as geography and methods of teaching English. Lectures, seminars and workshops are conducted in English. In addition to compulsory subjects (coursework), students can attend other seminars, electives, which better prepare for writing and defending a thesis.

Political science – specialty: administration – public administration, journalism, European integration and regional policy, local government and local policy, public relations – public relations, political marketing, security policy, social assistance.

Students gain knowledge in the social sciences that enables them to evaluate political as well as social and regional processes in a global sense. During their studies, they study the structure and organization of modern societies, the history of Europe, the conditions of its integration, the history of the emergence and functioning of the European Union, the principles of international organizations.

Mathematics – specialty: financial and insurance mathematics, mathematics with computer science.

The curriculum provides extensive knowledge of mathematics and computer science, as well as classical mathematical sciences. Graduates of this faculty, in addition to mathematical education and the ability to think abstractly about what is needed in many positions, have knowledge of computer science, which allows them to freely use the tools and methods of computer science in further work. They can also work in the practical applications of mathematics.

Recreational tourism – specialty: tourist services (tourist guide), hotel business, active tourism, kinesiogerontoprophylaxis.

After studying this specialty, graduates through interdisciplinary training in the field of natural, social and economic sciences get acquainted with organizational, legal and geographical issues, gain organizational skills and the ability to respond comprehensively to the behavior of people in their spare time.