This is what the new Law on General Secondary Education should change.

This is what the new Law on General Secondary Education should change.

5.No textbooks – parents should not buy any textbooks. Contact the principal, department / department of education. Let them look in the libraries of other schools, buy new ones, but not at the expense of parents.

6. The new Ukrainian school (NUS) is not repairs, not the purchase of microscopes or chemical reagents for physics classrooms, not high salaries for teachers or new (other) teachers. The new Ukrainian school is a new educational standard for primary schools. Currently, only the first and second grades study according to this new educational standard. And also about one hundred third grades in different regions according to the new experimental program, according to which all third grades will study next school year.

Therefore, if your school has a terrible toilet, please do not complain to the NUS, but to the local authorities, which failed to find funds or distribute them properly.

7. Children are not required to clean the school in any classroom. Not required. From the eighth grade, children can (not be obliged to) join the cleaning, but with their own consent and the consent of their parents. There is no agreement – children do not clean. The cleaners have to clean.

8.No one has the right to humiliate children because of their appearance (clothes, hair, etc.) – this is abuse. No teacher, head teacher, principal has the right to deprive a child of the right to education. Children should not go home to change clothes, children should study!

9. Parents have the right to go to school. It is the duty of parents to take care of the physical and mental health of the child, to promote the development of his abilities, to form the skills of a healthy lifestyle. Parents are not just entitled, they are obliged to come to school and make sure that the child is studying in the right conditions.

10. – The teacher said, the principal said, give a reference to the law.

Parents, no law should be sought. Let the one who told you something like that show you the law and prove that you must do exactly as he said. You don’t have to look for laws, just ask:

– Where is it written?

Let them prove to YOU, let them convince YOU, not just tell you. For example, there was no child one day at school:

– Bring a certificate from a doctor.

– Where is it written? Show the law.

We look at the law (Cabinet resolution): the absence of a child – a certificate from a doctor OR an explanatory note to the parents.

No one is obliged to do what is not provided by law.

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The Ministry of Education and Science has decided that educational institutions can make decisions about the activities of parents’ associations

V. Furmanyuk: what are they hiding about parent committees?

Author: Vitaly Furmanyuk, head of the public organization "Fundamentals of Consciousness", Kryvyi Rih.

At one time after the publication of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science, 1649, which abolished the "Model Regulations on Parent Committees (Councils)" and, accordingly, even the theoretical component of parent committees, the Ministry of Education stated: "However, today the decision to establish parent and / or student committees governing bodies of the institution) still accepts the institution itself at the general meeting (conference) of the staff. Therefore, the presence (absence) of appropriate bodies does not depend on the desire of parents or students. This is what the new Law on General Secondary Education should change.

But is it really so? One case is the statement of the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science, and the other is the official response of the Ministry to the information request stating that the "Model Regulations on Parent Committees (Councils) of Secondary Schools" applies only insofar as legal force, in particular the laws of Ukraine.

The “Model Provision on Parent Committees (Councils) of Secondary Educational Institutions” states: “Committees (councils) are voluntary public formations and in their activities committees are governed by the Law“ On Associations of Citizens ”association).

At the same time, I would like to note that neither the old nor the new law states that educational institutions have the right to make DECISIONS ON THE PRESENCE (ABSENCE) of a parent association (parent committees), and even more, in the Law on Public Obligations. unity is:

Article 3. Principles of formation and activity of public associations

4. Free choice of the territory of activity provides for the right of public associations to independently determine the territory of their activity, except in cases specified by law (why did the Ministry of Education and Science decide that educational institutions have the right to make decisions on parent associations?)

Article 5. Guarantees of the right to freedom of association.

1.No one can be forced to join any public association (who and when wrote the application for membership in parent committees?)

For those who still think that decisions about the activities of the parents’ association are made by institutions, I will add the answer of the Ministry of Education and Science dated 02.16.18. on the information request, which states that the procedure for the establishment and operation of public associations (representatives of which have the right to be part of the competition commission for the selection of the head of general secondary education Article 26 of the Law on General Secondary Education), including parents About public associations.

Why is this important? Because real associations of parents (public organizations) are not subordinated to the education authorities. Registration and activity of such associations of parents takes place in accordance with the Law on Public Associations. They can operate on the territory summary of chapter 6 animal farm of educational institutions without the permission of the head, and most importantly, they must comply with this legislation of Ukraine. The decision of such parent associations applies only to members of the organization and is not mandatory (you can always leave the organization). And the main purpose of the associations of parents (public organizations), in my opinion, is still to protect the interests of children, and not to collect cash "charitable" funds.

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Until September 1, in addition to traditional expenses, parents have to invest a lot of money in the school itself

Charitable contributions: to whom, how and how much? (video)

Until September 1, in addition to the cost of school uniforms, briefcases, notebooks and small stationery, parents have to invest a lot of money in the school itself. Roman Bondarenko, a lawyer with the SOS Parents public organization, spoke about how to control the proper use of funds for the needs of the school. Video "Breakfast with 1 + 1".


91.1% of Ukrainian parents pay monthly fees in schools and kindergartens

91% of parents pay monthly contributions

91.1% of Ukrainian parents pay monthly fees in schools and kindergartens. Relevant data are published in the results of the Monitoring of the Implementation of the Recommendations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on Integrity in the Education System of Ukraine.

However, 74.9% of parents surveyed reported that fundraising was voluntary and compulsory, 9% reported forced fundraising, and only 16.1% said they donated voluntarily.

88.2% of all contributions are collected in cash.

Experts note that the factors that create opportunities for violations are the lack of proper accounting for the receipt and use of contributions, fragmented budget oversight of schools and kindergartens, lack of transparency in decisions on the allocation of local education budgets, and lack of real financial autonomy for schools.

To address the issue, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development recommends access to information on contributions, strengthening the role of parents in overseeing the use of funds, creating a shared responsibility for contributions, including parental responsibility for violations, and allowing more flexible use of extrabudgetary resources. accounts in commercial banks.


The amount of real parental funding in large cities is reaching monstrous proportions

P. Andryushchenko: a new mythology of the Ministry of Education

Author: Peter Andryushchenko, coordinator of the initiative group "Together".

Recently, the Minister of Education and Science stated that the financing of schools by parents is a myth. Nourished German, there is such opinion, but in fact all not so.

It is understandable. The Minister does not see a real picture in the pursuit of the best and in the demonstration of democracy. Well, really, where can she see? When visiting schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions, who does she communicate with? That’s right, with officials and directors. And what schools / gardens does he attend? Well, definitely not the ones that have become our reality. And there, in this artificial world of education, there is, it turns out, the myth of parental funding. And the way to debunk it is announced – to publish financial reports of educational institutions.

And this very moment, despite all the gratitude for the new law "On Education", I really want to "knock off Olympus" into the reality of the Ukrainian parent. Make them look at purchases, where it is clear that schools and gardens do not buy. No furniture, no teaching materials, no additional textbooks. And the amount of stationery, detergents and even toilet paper will be enough for one day of existence.

And then give a calculator and make a simple calculation. Take for example Mariupol. The average number of school students is 34,000. children. The average contribution from a student to the "school fund" is UAH 100 per month. Yes, another 50 UAH in the "class fund". Taking into account all those who pass / do not surrender, you will receive an average of UAH 100 per month from one child. A total of UAH 3.4 million per month comes from parents. And in the school year – UAH 30.6 million. And if you add children from preschool institutions (13.9 thousand children) with average contributions of 50 UAH. per month, the total amount of funding by parents is rapidly approaching 40 million UAH per year. A very good myth turns out. And this is in a front-line city with economic stagnation on all fronts.

And if you look at the Dnieper, Kharkiv and other "millionaires", the amount of parental funding will reach appalling proportions.

Therefore, it is possible to convince oneself indefinitely of mythology, to brush aside reality and to make rainbow plans based on demonstrative voyages.

Or you can just admit the obvious and go the way of solving the problem, not denying it.

And the success of education reform will depend on the path chosen by the Ministry of Education and Science.

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